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LED lamps, LED bulbs, fluorescent lamps, emergency luminaires, ceiling lights

Shown chromaticity fluorescence temperatures

Barva 6500K

Color 6500K (865)
day light

Barva 4000K

Color 4000K (840)
cool light

Barva 2700K

Color 2700K (827)
warm light

Ceiling lights

Ceiling lights are the absolute basis of room lighting. They should match the interior furnishings, or conversely be highly inconspicuous while of course service their purpose, meaning providing sufficient light. It doesn’t matter that much whether we choose  LED ceiling light or a fluorescent light. What is important is the light output and colour rendering (refer to the images above). You should worry about the ceiling light consumption as a secondary issue.

Wall lights

Most surface-mounted ceiling lights can also be used as wall lights, except for suspended lamps and those for which we require focussing of the light. Spotlights can also be used as wall lights. Be careful not to choose an inappropriate light source inside. This particularly applies to LED lights, which can cause glare if chosen incorrectly. Lights with a sensor are most often installed in hallways.

Suspended lights

Suspended lights are most often installed in living areas, kitchens, over the dining table or as lights for high ceilings. A ceiling light often offers the option of adjustable height or intensity. This is called a light with a dimmer.

LED lights

The current trend is LED lights of all shapes and dimensions. The increasingly often replace fluorescent lights, and LED bulbs are used to modernise the original lighting. They can save an addition 30% of electricity consumption (meaning a total of 85% to 90% compared to classic light bulbs) and have many other benefits. LED lights reach full brightness immediately after being switched on, and their light output does not decline over time. Ceiling LED lights and all other LED lights are not sensitive to frequent switching on and off, and they don’t mind being used at lights with a sensor.

Fluorescent lights

Fluorescent lights are in decline, albeit wrongly. The indisputable advantage of fluorescent lights compared to LED lights is their colour rendering. Fluorescent lights have slightly higher consumption (they still consume 80% less energy compared to classic light bulbs), but on the other hand, if it stops working you need merely replace the bulb or ballast for a few hundred crowns, without having to replace the entire LED lamp, which is much more expensive.

Bathroom lights, children’s lights, outdoor lights, etc.

If you are considering the purchase of a bathroom light, have taken a lighting to a children’s light or need outdoor lights, you must consider the specific features and especially the technical parameters which the light must have, whether you choose an LED or fluorescent lamp for the given space. Bathroom lights are governed by ‘zones’ which determine the level of risk of electrocution. Like outdoor lights, most of them must be waterproof. Children’s lights serve to complete the atmosphere of the children’s room and are governed mainly by fashion trends.

Bathroom lights

As already stated, the main requirement for a bathroom light is its resistance to splashing or condensing water. They are further divided into mirror lights, ceiling lights, or if structurally prepared also recessed ceiling lights.

Outdoor lights

Outdoor lights can serve a number of functions. They can serve to light to facade, terrace, balcony, driveway, etc. It is crucial that they always be waterproof and correctly chosen. In addition to their function, they also complement the overall atmosphere and change the feeling. LED outdoor lights with a sensor are very popular, especially to light sidewalks, driveways and entrances to the house.

Emergency lights, LED emergency lighting

Emergency lighting is a very broad term and can be divided into several categories. All emergency lights, not just LED emergency lights, must meet precisely defined requirements. They are used as anti-panic lights to light a space during power outages, or as escape route lighting, where they are generally used along with pictograms. Emergency lights with pictograms show the direction of the escape route and help people orient themselves in the space in the case of a power outage.


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