In this category you will find complete design series of very popular fluorescent lamps OPPLE. It is possible to equip more rooms, the entire apartment or house with one model series of luminaires to maintain a unified design. These luminaires can be supplied in different sizes, shade and performance shapes, while choosing the uniform color of their light sources, helping to achieve total alignment and high living comfort. Another huge advantage of this is the huge power of the el. energy compared to conventional incandescent lamps up to 80%. Lamps are equipped with el. ballasts that ensure fast flashing without blinking. The plastic, opal shade is ideal light scattering and easy maintenance. We are direct importers of these luminaires, so it is possible to buy any accessories and spare parts (shades, fluorescent lamps, connecting cables, colored frames, etc.) without any problems. In some types of luminaires, we can also install emergency lighting modules for power failure. energy and some types can be supplied along with color fluorescent lamps.

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Shown chromaticity fluorescence temperatures

Barva 6500K

Color 6500K (865)
day light

Barva 4000K

Color 4000K (840)
cool light

Barva 2700K

Color 2700K (827)
warm light

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