We offer fluorescent lamps of brand OPPLE for use not only in our luminaires in three colors of white light 2700k, 4000k and 6500k. Color 2700k is referred to as \For color 4000 K, it is often used 840 or \The most cold 6500 K light, 865, is worded as daylight white. The big advantage of fluorescent lamps is that they can save up to 80 ° of the electricity consumed. energy compared to conventional bulbs and in conjunction with an electronic ballast, these sources have a long service life, fast start and do not blink in the luminaires.

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Shown chromaticity fluorescence temperatures

Barva 6500K

Color 6500K (865)
day light

Barva 4000K

Color 4000K (840)
cool light

Barva 2700K

Color 2700K (827)
warm light

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