OPPLE has more than 20 years of lighting in the lighting market and ranks among the TOP 10 manufacturers worldwide. It brings to our market affordable, professional LED luminaires that are characterized by a high price / performance ratio. OPPLE LEDs are hi-tech products that surpass competition in both parameters and quality. And for this reason, the OLED LED lights can also offer a premium guarantee. They can be used as LED household lights, such as LED spotlights, as well as LED ceiling and wall lamps, or LED industrial reflectors and LED modular systems. Also known are BUTTON LED Downlight, or OLED LED fluorescent tube.

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Shown chromaticity fluorescence temperatures

Barva 6500K

Color 6500K (865)
day light

Barva 4000K

Color 4000K (840)
cool light

Barva 2700K

Color 2700K (827)
warm light

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