Claims procedure

Claims procedure

The claims procedure of FULGUR, spol. s r.o., Brno, Svitavská 39, post code 61400 Company ID Number: 41601203, e-shop address: is based on the Civil Code, as amended, and applies only to goods which are duly claimed within the warranty period. Please read the detailed binding information. The customer (buyer) confirms their consent to the claims procedure by signing the invoice, purchase contract, or by accepting the goods from the carrier, collecting them at the post office or other designated facility (e.g. package dispenser), by accepting the goods at the seller’s point of sale or other distribution point selected by the buyer in the order.


The customer is obliged to inspect the package, if it is not visible damaged or spoiled. If the package is damaged, the customer shall not accept the package and shall contact the FULGUR, spol. s r.o. e-shop immediately. If the customer identifies any difference between the invoice and the actually delivered goods, or if they did not receive an invoice - tax document with the package, they are obliged to inform the FULGUR, spol. s r.o. e-shop immediately; if they fail to do so, they expose themselves to the risk that later claims shall not be recognised. Only complete goods with the cover documentation and ideally in their ideal packaging (not mandatory) shall be accepted for warranty repair.

Claims regarding shipments of ordered goods may be applied only at the address of the supplier’s/seller’s branch, distribution and shipping location: Brno, Svitavská 39, post code 61400 e-mail: or

Contact person authorised to handle claims: claims technician

The following goods in particular shall not be accepted for warranty repair:
goods with an expired warranty period on the date of submission (delivery) of the goods for repair; mechanically damaged; without proof of purchase; damaged by incorrect use contrary to the instruction manual or principles of correct use; or goods damaged by inexpert service intervention.

Claims, how to proceed

Please proceed according to the instructions provided on this page below. This will ease our work and your claim will be handled more promptly.

  • Goods were received in damaged packaging. In this case we recommend not accepting the package, compiling a report with the delivery service and informing the FULGUR, spol. s r.o. e-shop immediately.
  • The goods were delivered in order, but an operation defect appeared in them. If you identify an operation defect (even later), check whether the good are under warranty based on the purchase receipt, and send a copy of the purchase receipt to the address of the branch - distribution point. We will assess your claim immediately and do our best to resolve the issue favourably.

Description of a correctly sent claim

Insert the defective goods with proof of purchase and a description of the defect into suitable packaging for transport, and indicate your return address in the upper left-hand corner. Please send the prepared package via registered mail to our address specified above. The customer bears the costs for transport of the claim to the branch or to the distribution and shipping location in Brno, Svitavská 39, post code 61400, and the risk and liability for damage to the package during transport. For this reason, we recommend insuring the package. We will handle your claim at latest within 30 days.

These terms and conditions come into effect on 1 January 2016.

Shown chromaticity fluorescence temperatures

Barva 6500K

Color 6500K (865)
day light

Barva 4000K

Color 4000K (840)
cool light

Barva 2700K

Color 2700K (827)
warm light

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